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  • How secure is KeyWallet?
  • How do you encrypt my data?
  • Where does keywallet store my keys?
  • How can I be sure that KeyWallet does not send passwords anywhere?
  • Is it possible to inspect the KeyWallet's source code to be sure about the security?
  • What to do if your data disappeared after the system restart or re-logon?

  • Answer
  • How secure is KeyWallet?

    KeyWallet is fully secure if you use it correctly (the main requirement is that you use a password not shorter then 6 characters).
    You will find much information about security in our
    Security section.

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  • How do you encrypt my data?

    KeyWallet uses the Blowfish encryption algorithm with variable-length key, from 32 bits to 448 bits. The key length depends on the password length. To read more about the Blowfish ecryption algorithm click here. Blowfish is used in more than 130 software products. To see the list of these software products click here.

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  • Where does keywallet store my keys?

    Your private data (keys and preferences) is NEVER transmitted to the KeyWallet web server or anywhere else. It is always stored LOCALLY on your computer. KeyWallet encrypts all your data and saves it in your profile directory, which is normally located under the KeyWallet program directory and is named with your Windows login. To read more about profiles click here.

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  • How can I be sure that KeyWallet does not send passwords anywhere?

    In the pre-release phase we got to hear this question from all our friends and acquaintances. We did not implement any back doors in the program and that is not our purpouse. There are a lot of keyboard logging tools out there that can do the same. If we were eager to get your passwords we would not implement skins and other nice features. And what can we do with your password?? Read your mail? No, thanks we got enough mails by ourselfs. :)

    To be completly sure about the fact that KeyWallet does not send anything anywhere, you can use a desktop firewall program. This program will trace what application sends data. After this check you will see, that KeyWallet does not send anything.

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  • Is it possible to inspect the KeyWallet's source code to be sure about the security?

    I am afraid that it is not possible. At this time there are a lot of competitors on the market that could steal our idea and partitially accelerate their software development.

    What are you worry about?
    If it is the format where the KeyWallet stores your data? Then we could (we have to think about it) provide a documentation on the KeyWallet storage format.
    If you are worry about the internet connectivity (that KeyWallet might send data over the network to us), then you can use a tcp/ip analyser (for example the NtSniff available at or TCPView or TDImon available at and check if KeyWallet sends any data to the web. We are pretty sure you will not find anything.

    Your KeyWallet Team

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  • What to do if your data disappeared after the system restart or re-logon?

    KeyWallet’s profile management is bundled to the Windows profile management. Every time you logon under the different login on your Windows system KeyWallet creates a new user. Usually the data of this user is placed to the directory: <KeyWallet Dir>\Profiles\<login name>. The common error KeyWallet users do is not to use a Windows login (under Win9x) and to use the KeyWallet. Some time after to create a Windows login and to run KeyWallet from the logged in profile. And they notice that all the keys disappeared.

    When this happens you can try the following. Open the Profiles directory in the Windows Explorer. Now you will see all profile directories that KeyWallet created for the users. For example:

     +--Program Files

    KeyWallet creates for every Windows user a separate directory. The directory DefaultUser is the default KeyWallet’s directory and does not contain any keys.

    The data is stored in the file storage.kwo. To copy this file from the jane directory to the peter directory will NOT help. You have to login as jane and try to open the KeyWallet. If it does not work try to login as peter and so on. One of the directories will contain the valid storage.kwo file that can be opened. When this happens, make the backup of you data using the export/import feature in the KeyWallet preferences. In the export dialog be sure that the option "Make it accessible only when logged as <your login>" is NOT marked. Select the password protection option and click the Export button. After the export change to the profile where you tried to open the file and try to import it using the password you have entered while the exporting. Now KeyWallet should be able to import anything.

    Some useful advice: if you get an error while the entering you password into the start dialog of KeyWallet, try the following:
    1. write your password to Notepad
    2. copy it (be sure not to copy the white spaces at the end)
    3. paste it into the start dialog of KeyWallet

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