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Joined: Oct 21, 2015
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From: shanghai,shanghai
 Posted: 2017-12-15 04:30   

facilitate the use and maintenance of users as much as possible, due to its natural nature of bamboo and woody plants, we need to pay more attention to maintenance. Bamboo floor care: 1, regular cleaning, waxing, cleaning the local dirty traces available detergent. 2, do not drip Mop along the direction of the floor friction, to avoid the

sharp increase in water cut. 3, to prevent long-term sun exposure. 4, indoor humidity ≤ 40, should be taken to humidification measures; indoor humidity ≥ 80 should be

ventilated and wet. 5, moving heavy objects, furniture, etc., to move appropriate, do not drag. Special attention to bamboo flooring maintenance: 1, do not let blisters: When cleaning the floor, try to twist with a rag wipe, do not let water from the floor into the floor below. If inadvertently blisters, should inform the millennium in the shortest

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