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Joined: Aug 10, 2016
Posts: 7554
 Posted: 2018-04-27 01:45   

Efficient communication, business opportunities: 1, built-in conference call bridge, support for dial-in reservations, meetings more convenient and efficient; 2, support the one-pass business, the use of unified numbers, any time, any place to answer important calls, business opportunities; 3, support for built-in voice mailbox, voice messaging capabilities to ensure that the call is reachable, do not miss the important phone.

Uniform brand, enhance image: Provide enterprise switchboard service, show a unified image externally, and enhance brand value.

Effective control, cost savings: U1910 provides powerful number analysis and black and white lists, precise control of the callable range of the phone; 1.32-level enterprise-defined authorization control; 2. Support of personal authorization password function, effectively control the use of long distance calls ;3, according to the time period, rate and other factors of intelligent routing

Flexible deployment, easy maintenance, and easy installation in one hour: 1. Support unified network management, local network management, self-contained visualization tools (fool type one-hour opening); 2. Support local number query; 3. Direct extension of other extensions by telephone Business remote activation or cancellation; 4, built-in Web management interface, to provide meeting reservations, forwarding number modification, number one pass number modification and other configuration functions.

In the enterprise deployment of a set of U1910 connected to the local operator network, you can deploy related business / management server, the user side can deploy analog phones, IP phones to achieve basic communications and business, suitable for SMB companies without branches or branches less, Or as a small branch of a large private network

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