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Draw you own skins

Let others see you hidden talents! Draw your own skins.
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Skin Opinion

Opinion of dingbatqueen
Good try but here are a few suggestions for improvement on this one..... Spelling - 'Transparency' is the correct spelling. If you need a little help with your English, please don't hesitate to ask for help. There are also some online dictionaries, though I know they can be difficult to use when you're not sure of the correct spelling in the first place! Another suggestion is regarding your fonts - they look aliased (or jagged) - make sure you turn antialiasing 'on' when you add type to the graphic. You also need some sort of solid colored background behind the words 'New', 'Delete', 'Exit', and 'Prefs' - they get lost in the background. I don't know why you added the exclamation points after each word - you'd probably do best to take them out. Also remember that it's very easy to 'overdo it' with this type of graphic. Try to keep an even balance between wild patterns and solid tones so that the eye has a place to focus on. If the overall pattern is too busy, then it's hard to know where to look for the buttons. I hope these suggestions are of some help to you - you've made a good start by creating skins that work with the app. Your second skin was a nice improvement over your first, so you're making great progress! :D Best of luck to you!!!

Opinion of Cathelest
Haha, well its been many years since i created the keywallet skins, I was new to skinning, and i created the skin with MS paint, thus the reason for blocky non-feathered fonts, I was going for a very weird and wild theme at the time, plus i was testing the transparency to see how keywallet functioned, i was testing it for another skin which i sadly never completed, Dunno why i put the ! marks trailing the buttons, dunno why i put the button text as red, but heh, like i said it was ment to be weird, and i sit back and relise its weirder then i originally thought,



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