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Author nike dunk high homme noir

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  Posted: 2015-10-15 22:03

Chinese New Year has always been the business of the lucrative market for the end of the last of the "performers" of the war nike dunk high homme noir , they naturally did not let the supermarkets. Reporters discovered that the supermarkets had two weeks ago into high gear, all kinds of unique marketing activities of a theme after another. Chiu said the supermarkets this is the largest promotional efforts, there will be a large number of special machines, special machines for the market. Promotions: "Discount gift the greatest efforts" "Over 200,000 yuan to send 40-inch LCD TV", "Buy 500 to send the Golden Pig" ... ...'s major home appliance stores in urban areas has seen all kinds of discounts and other promotions gifts constantly, from the LCD TV, plasma, refrigerators to computers nike dunk high femme rose , washing machines and other home appliances, lower prices are the range of discount stores, and this one in color television sets, digital and other small household electrical appliances and IT category of "diving" biggest. "Senior vice president and special machines, back now, gift is still a major marketing tool, but the week before the Spring Festival will be the one with the largest sales." Fashion marketing assistant manager Wang Xiaoyan told reporters, special promotion is still Chinese New Year One of the biggest highlights. To prepare for this market, the supermarkets have already preparations are well in advance cargo transfer to ensure an adequate supply before the holiday shopping season nike dunk high femme soldes , specials include not only many common models, and best-selling machines, new machines have a reservoir of fully. The weekend, Dongguan, GOME has a "passion every day feast of 2007" as the theme, beginning the New Year appliances prelude to war. And on the same day, the first shop in Dongguan, China has unveiled the United States New Year's bridge. "With the end of the year approaches, Dongguan nike dunk high sky pas cher , home appliances market to buy show a new peak, and peak sales are expected to continue into the years." GOME Advertisement Promotion Department director Pian Qin told reporters at this time of mainstream consumer products are flat panel TVs, small appliances , refrigerator, washing machine and 3C digital products, countries the United States will seize the market opportunities to compete for more market share. Moves: Several appliance stores are not closing the Spring Festival "Now more and more boring New Year, in addition to walk relatives, leaving the shopping with." Liu Fang is a fashion to consumers, she told reporters during his New Year tends to buy things like walk on the streets. The consumer groups such as Fang more and more sophisticated businesses did not lose this opportunity nike a talon dunk pas cher , in a play two weeks ago, during the Spring Festival will open on the slogan. Fashion, Gome, Suning Appliance stores several major responsible persons of that business as usual during the Chinese New Year, except in the New Year's Eve will be at six o'clock the day off work, other times are open for business. Reporter found that not only supermarkets, department stores and appliance stores remain open for business during the Spring Festival, even the past four days have been closed on New Year's break IT stores, this year's extraordinary. "Previously adidas skate pas cher , consumers want to buy some small parts may have no place to go, but this situation has changed this year, we will be business as usual during the Spring Festival." Tianyuan Zhang Hanjiang Cyberport manager told reporters. Marketplace: Shopping environment is upgraded every year In addition to price a big issue, each mall has its eyes set in a comfortable shopping environment and quality services on. Reporter yesterday visited the electrical store to see all kinds of lucky character, red lanterns, lucky pig, orange tree, red ribbon and so has been around every corner store, store is imbued with the thick atmosphere of Chinese New Year. 's Investigation found that the supermarkets only stores each year on the transformation and upgrade costs adidas superstar 2 noir et blanche , as high as tens of millions. "We have an annual large-scale rectification appliance store, spend at least a thousand million." Fashion marketing assistant manager Wang Xiaoyan told reporters that this transformation is the store layout to make more reasonable, more spacious shopping environment. Gome and Suning while the two giants is also true. GOME I just said in an interview this year, the highlight of GOME stores to improve the quality of a single, while improving the quality of a single shop should be done first is to upgrade to the store. He told reporters after the Guowanchunjie, the first upgrade of the South City shops, followed by other stores will be upgraded accordingly. The Dongguan Dongcheng Middle Road, Suning stores in the recent upgrade on is to be struggling, this decoration is its biggest investment in recent years adidas originals dragon bleu , as high as 20 million yuan or more. Author's Resource Box I am a professional writer from China Manufacturers, which contains a great deal of information about $keyword_li, welcome to visit!Article Source: Brilliant nighttime force of the wind, manufacturer plant 10000. Changshu City Trainers Union Attire second member of the Unit available on April 16 as well as also worthwhile convening together with second town of Changshu Garments Running Shoes Acquaintance standard that can continue properly, often the political election coming from Second Slot Provided involved with control, WANG Xiao-old man was basically elected because advanced Web Design Manager. It's really a set of Shoes Organization 3-year high performance because organization the actual summary together with Main Fitting, fully confirmed our additions the former chambers towards trade.

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  Posted: 2018-11-02 07:41


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  Posted: 2018-11-15 15:43


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  Posted: 2018-12-01 22:14

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  Posted: 2019-07-22 08:22


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  Posted: 2019-07-28 17:29


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