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  Posted: 2016-03-17 20:18

Do not let the tears of mothers of the world to fly Guogang Tang: Someone saw a body overweight middle-aged women to wipe Guo nike air max 2014 mens black , Guo was also seen with her out of the village, the same village Lixiang Lan said the woman is her brought back, still in her house to eat breakfast, the woman's daughter is also almost the Li Xianglan also cheated. Our whole village is basically a big family, that my son lost the village who have arrived that night my family, sent nearly fifty thousand dollars, the village's young and still conscious organized labor to nearby provinces and cities to help me to find, most of the time more than 500 people to help find, but found nothing. Guogang Tang: (silence for a long time) I do not know, this is my very contradictory things, as you say, so many years later, he who does not know the current situation, I am now looking for his son the most important reason is to determine his better life is not good, if he lives very well, I think I will not bother him. visited almost all the Chinese provinces along the way to help kids find more than a dozen parents Guogang Tang: I have more than 10 children to help find their loved ones, and this is my biggest years of comfort. lose you I'll crash Guogang Tang: In 1999, when I just ruled out a physical characteristics similar to Guo's Shaanxi children nike air max 2014 womens sale , it is a coincidence that on the way home I ran into a relative of the child get me a clue soon after their reunion, and was feeling particularly proud. missing children for 14 years, and my heart more and more contradictions help more than a dozen children come home my baby Jinan Daily News, home baby, and my father would like you ah. Guo son was cheated, lost his son 14 years, he traveled the country in addition to riding a motorcycle in Xinjiang, Tibet and other provinces outside of all missing children, but also to help children find their parents more than 10. Guogang Tang: In the beginning I day laborers, self-sufficient, but the disadvantage is that day laborers 3 days to get the money, wasted time Later, when I accidentally discovered in Wenzhou, Liaocheng gourd is very popular over there, I kind of gourd from home processing, and then to the south to sell. Do not let the mother of the sky a black without you my heart has been broken effort has been tortured haggard over the world to find you can not sleep Guogang Tang: No, a few years ago I can not bear the pain of losing her son, and then follow the advice of friends nike air max 2015 womens sale , but also had two sons, but I found that not only can not transfer my pain, when I watched them when Guo missed a rather more. Guogang Tang: Yes, ah, blame me, that time has been busy running the transport to make money, ignoring the basic responsibility of a father to punish ah. I remember very clearly, that day is September 21, 1997, about four in the afternoon, my wife to go home to cook, so Guo himself to play outside for a while, it just fifteen minutes, it was gone. (Guo Gangtang eyes have tears) baby how you face the North Wind Guogang Tang: Almost right , was to go find the child, the only home I ride a motorcycle, bad motorcycle after another change, is to be able to find the child early. In addition to Xinjiang nike air max 2015 mens cheap , Tibet, the Chinese mainland provinces I basically have all traveled, (talking out of a standard red dot map), you see, all I've marked the place where the red dot, until now, no only the capital, all provincial cities I have been to. this, Guo Gangtang talking about future plans said he will continue looking for one, will not give up ... ... is to find Zi Lu would like to draw a satisfactory conclusion. Guogang Tang: once in Henan Province, I saw a little boy, his long and Guo obviously not, but probably because I miss the children too, and I felt it was my son, has been along with others back home, the result is the father thought I traffickers, almost did not catch my alarm. 14 years, visited almost all the Chinese provinces Liaocheng farmers Guogang Tang nike air max 2015 white mens , 14 years to travel around the country in addition to Xinjiang, Tibet, Qinghai provinces outside of all, more than 10 parents to help find a missing child ... ... Guogang Tang Li Shandong Liaocheng Economic Development Zone, too Tuncun people, would have been a happy family mens Nike Free Tr, industrious and virtuous wife, he bought two tractors transport of goods, can be considered well-off at the local, but all this With good all the loss of only son Guo and gone, sub-process of searching, he had lost in crossing the mountains, had a car accident, had been a beggar, and once was caught up as traffickers, but he never thought of retreat, but unfortunately, no matter how hard he tries to find nike air max 2015 womens black , has no son. eternal love my heart always worried about your safety Guogang Tang: how could it, and sometimes even the oil money is not enough, I ran up to a day and 728 km. up to one day run 728 km Guogang Tang: I got the news later, took my wife to go back to the village people kneel down, and asked them to help find, we almost did not put a few nearby Village turn over upside down, until then know that the child was abducted traffickers. but Guo Gangtang 14 years of hard, nothing, some people do not understand that he is not worthy of such an approach, if he gave up to find his son, a child can also be recycled, with his hard work and smart Now it may already be a well-known locally. oversight find the parents over the world to find you the Heartbreakers come home my baby although not find their son, but Guogang Tang has helped dozens of abducted children to find their loved ones, but when the information provided by his parents to find their loved one.

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