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KeyWallet - Free Password Manager Forum Index Program Features How to choose model wood floor board?
KeyWallet - Free Password Manager Forum Index
Author How to choose model wood floor board?

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  Posted: 2016-10-25 04:54

rise abruptly what accompany new media gradually, traditional preface already was caused gradually now choose. Regard a kind of brand as the way of promotion, new media is bearing the weight of not merely the use that helps a company extend a product, at the same time it still can regard a kind of promotion as the tool, pull the distance of close product and consumer. But, floor enterprise wants the oldest rate to behave the new media tool below good news age, still need to seek standard way, follow suit blindly to be able to make only the company is immersed in more awkward condition. New media advantage is loved traditional introductive method to already was chosen gradually by floor enterprise, the occurrence method change quickly of new media, but it is for more cheerful consumer undoubtedly, its are the client that be indifferent to below the promotion of really new media but of character, true is a reader only. If can let a reader felt to wanted thing is achieved in the promotion from the brand, so this ability calculates going up is a client. Consequently, floor enterprise wants to behave the advantage of new media, still need to understand the characteristic of new method adequately. Floor enterprise makes promotion under new media or difficulty of all the more, not be to say to play enjoy small gain, do good public date to be able to get more client, new media of floor company fight in some places one by one returns demand to go ceaselessly dug, but the new media promotion that yields more consumer to attend to just calculate a real significance in interact. Now nowadays, no matter be small letter or small gain, its largest dominant position is undertaking interacting at can driving customer, this also become the crucial place that small gimmick popularizes. Small gimmick aids force floor enterprise to model the advertisement a copy kept as a record that the advantage drops in traditional media to cannot see the feedback of the user, the feedback on traditional Internet also is one-way probably not instant, interactive durative difference. And on date of Zhang of public of the official small gain that is in floor enterprise, small letter, company and the client's congenital quits sex, and the character that intercourse software communicates advantage makes company and client can first-rate is interactive, pull close floor enterprise to follow the client's distance, establish crackajack floor brand image thereby. Mobile Internet expands step by step, the proportion that network user uses mobile terminal is higher and higher, mobile Internet is based on the character of situation to also will bring huge innovation to promotion. So the fixed position of exact crowd of essence of life that passes user of needle of the other side and situation fixed position, floor brand undertakes on new media advocate nature can get the action with more traditional than be in first-rate media. Other, the intercourse software such as small gain, small letter mastered the information with much user, the user has the information that provides value extremely in great quantities in public data. Besides the surface layer information such as the age, exercise, the course is released to the user and share the analysis of content, habit of the OK and effective be fond of that judges an user, consumption and buy the information such as ability. Climb gradually in capital litre, pressure of competition of floor business market adds the instantly that add gradually, the big data sex of new media can assist a company to reduce capital. Divide this beyond, regard a kind of new-style promotion as the method, small gimmick also more the consumptive method that agrees with instantly the Cenozoic Era, consequently, how had used this one dominant position, will find the combinative place of consumer and company profit, will be the operation that next demand point pushs the company.
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