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Author Structure of household industry market is adapting growth still is thematic

Joined: Aug 10, 2016
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  Posted: 2017-01-03 03:09

2016, live in an industry shuffle speed is accelerated, market structure is adapting. On one hand, pressure of environmental protection policy is increased, household cable business like a raging fire, traditional business takes; seriously more and more to producing link and electric business medium of communication on the other hand, large household company quickens transition, low end the enterprise retreats city stage by stage, trend of superior bad discard is clear. Nowadays, household market environment is early different before, a new era has come.

According to " industry of household of Chinese building materials grows a report " show, domestic building materials lived in industry market dimensions to achieve four thousand two hundred and seventy-three billion five hundred million yuan 2015, predict market dimensions will be added 2016 reach 4.5 trillion yuan. Suffer effect of macroscopical economy environment, household industry business already felt the pressure that comes from the market apparently, but integral market dimensions carries the state that grows steadily nearly 3 years all the time.

2016, estate market experienced the development of advance rapidly. The economy of countryman of before 3 quarters that releases according to the State Council runs a condition, 1-9 month, countrywide commodity house sells an area to grow 26.9% compared to the same period. Secondhand the room clinchs a deal the quantity is mixed in city of a gleam of city of partial second line, exceeded bridal chamber sale even. Because estate market clinchs a deal this year,measure grow considerably, predict next year this part trades house property will be entered stage by stage " decorate " link. Accordingly, to company of building materials household, this will make the sale point of growth 2017.

Live in an industry to shuffling quickly

Consume ideal change as consumer, the diversification of demand, and the concussion that Internet resides hypostatic inn to the home, 2016, household industry is being experienced new round shuffling. To large household company, develop 34 lines town, channel sinks already was hasten of general trends place. 2016, ou Yada is in favour apply build only then, filial piety feeling is successional set up shop, bazaar of Han Yang of triumphant dragon of red star beauty also in September practice. Bibcock enterprise lasts outspread channel, farther keep long in stock the market share of medium and small businesses.

Meanwhile, many household companies also are quickening the layout of pair of electric business medium of communication, get used to consumptive new requirement actively. Below the case that shuffles quickly in the industry, if live in an enterprise to cannot adjust management strategy in time, be fallen into disuse very easily to go out by the market bureau. Reduce price war, spread is wide sale channel, promotion serves character and brand image, change product appeals to beg etc, had become household company to live the only way of development.

Current, 80, 90 hind the core that making household trade stage by stage consumes a group, promote quickly subsequently to the demand of household product diversity, individuation. Times of household company follow closely grows pace, break traditional management pattern, square can market of new era of race to control first machine.

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