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Author Consumption of steel furniture material priority

Joined: Aug 10, 2016
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  Posted: 2017-05-17 01:53

Teak, rich in iron and oil, is the smallest of all the dry shrinkage in the wood of a kind of deformation, the professional drying, the size of the stability of the wear-resistant, the shrinkage from the raw material to the air to dry 2.2% String of 4.0%, is the smallest coefficient of deformation in wood,leather chaise lounge chair prices good bending resistance, very wear-resistant, air dry density of 0.65g / cm3 (dry weight of about 650 kg / m 3); so with anti-corrosion, , Decorative and other distinctive features, the noble color of the decorative effect is very rich and flexible, comfortable feet, is the best in the solid wood flooring.

Teak is precious: wild teak from the growth to the finished product at least by more than 100 years in the natural environment, the best place of origin per acre is only 1 to 5 trees, teak natural scent is refreshing, refreshing, On the elderly in the brain system has a good effect.

Teak wood firm and durable, excellent texture: teak has a good resistance to weathering, in fact, teak this feature in the teak furniture can be seen ten years before, during these ten years,cheap aluminum alloy hotel motel used furniture sale teak furniture will maintain its as always Of beauty. Some people like to use a polish to nourish the furniture, and this effect is very different from the weathered teak furniture; when you are using teak furniture for decades, you will be surprised that the quality of these furniture is lasting and more beautiful.

Sweep shrinkage is the smallest of all woods: According to the volume of the galleon in the Zheng He fleet, it reaches 175 meters long, 65 meters wide, with triple teak hull and up to 16 separate waterproof enclosures that can load 2000 Ton more than the goods. According to the material, the Chinese knew that teak was able to withstand sun exposure while it was in the ocean, knowing that teak would not shrink when exposed to wind, heat,professional durable camping furniture rain or salt water; these were many of today's people who chose sea boats or boats Very much like the reason for teak; it is because of the small shrinkage of teak tree wood, it was made it was an excellent choice for making the boat doors and the cabinet.

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  Posted: 2019-06-26 08:59


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  Posted: 2019-08-06 07:32


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