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Author Software furniture is facing problems

Joined: Aug 10, 2016
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  Posted: 2017-07-10 00:24

The pieces of wood are neatly placed together, mixed with wood chips and debris in the middle, in the glue under the adhesion, after drying into a piece of Founder of the board,Meja gaya pub dan set kerusi and then through the flat polishing, brush on the primer ... ... White Pond A wooden door factory owner said that these pieces of wood from the site of the waste, or other wood products on the scrap, but as long as a little deal can be a new look. Compared to other thousand dollars of solid wood doors, the price of such doors only 230 yuan to 300 yuan.

"We want is the solid wood door." For the customer's request, the boss has its own way, he pointed to the wooden door that said, as long as the wooden circle around the circle of solid wood, broken wood on the block layer of paint, Out. "This is the most important thing is to lock this piece of wood to do a little thick, even if you change the lock, see the solid wood." Turning to the shortage of broken wood door,Di luar kerusi gantungan kerusi teras the boss admitted that such doors can only use a Year or so, then it will be deformed, and forced to open the door will cause damage to the wooden door. "This door is mostly a restaurant, a small hotel with you to take out when the solid wood door can sell."

In the bed of simple beds, the pieces of wood also appeared. A small factory, the workers are busy to the floor of the layer wrapped in film, and then wrapped with laxies will be tight, and finally with a nail gun will be fixed cloth. "Wrapped up good looking, but also to sell. And, there is no taste ... ..." simple bed after a large number of layers stacked together, turned up a layer of 5 layers,Kerusi taman dan kerusi luar a finger will be able to pull the plywood, both sides of the board , But the middle is all kinds of miscellaneous pieces of random stick together, from time to time bursts of strange smell.

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  Posted: 2019-06-28 19:43


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Joined: Oct 28, 2018
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  Posted: 2019-08-09 06:58


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