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KeyWallet - Free Password Manager Forum Index Program Features Temperature control instrument selection.
KeyWallet - Free Password Manager Forum Index
Author Temperature control instrument selection.

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From: shanghai,shanghai
  Posted: 2018-01-17 00:43

(1) the instrument is selected according to the requirements of production and scientific research on the accuracy of instrument detection and control.
(2) according to the requirement of the degree of automation to select instruments, such as some of the industry, segmenting the heated object should be carried out according to time heating or cooling, some cycle for a few days, but if choose process control instrument, can obviously reduce the labor intensity of operators, improve the quality of products.
(3) choose according to the range of measurement and control instrument: tunnel kiln heating equipment, for example, the temperature control range of each level is not consistent, the chosen instrument of temperature measurement, temperature control range should also be inconsistent, need according to the tunnel kiln of each control to choose the level instrument of temperature measurement range.
(4) according to the measured workpiece temperature the speed of change over time to select the instrument, such as the physical culture in a box, should choose small time constant temperature sensing device, that there is a temperature change, the sensor can be quickly measured variation, make the instrument in a timely manner to make the output change, optimizing system of regulating quality obviously.
(5) according to the working conditions of instrument to use instrument: if the instrument near strong vibration source, install the moving coil instrument or pointer instrument is not suitable, for vibrating will affect the reading of the meter accuracy, choose digital display instrument is appropriate at this time.small type water ring vacuumpumps
(6) selecting instruments according to the principle of favorable management of economic collection: relatively high precision instrument with relatively high price and high maintenance and training expenses. Therefore, it is not economical to pursue high, precise and sharp instruments without asking cost.China Manufacturer Provider Small Aluminium Electric Melting Furnace for Sale
(7) to facilitate the equipment unit using the unified management and maintenance of instrumentation, when choosing instrument, instrument types, and manufacturers should not be too much, choose the best one, both quality and long history and good reputation manufacturer, so to reduce the spare parts, improve the swap generality and maintenance, repair is very good. Wuhan huida industrial control technology co., LTD. Has long been committed to the development and application of heat treatment automation control series, and has a history of more than 20 years in the heat treatment industry. Fuda temperature control instrument is worthy of the trust of customers!
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  Posted: 2020-05-26 23:37


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