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KeyWallet - Free Password Manager Forum Index Program Features (3) Check the computer's settings.
KeyWallet - Free Password Manager Forum Index
Author (3) Check the computer's settings.

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  Posted: 2018-03-12 03:47

Check whether the speed Cisco NPE 400 Serial 7200 Network Module computer has opened the P2P software or its hidden process, the more typical softwares are PPS, PPTV, BT, Thunder and other video or download software, these software will continue to download and upload data even without any download operation Affect the speed, as shown below.

It is recommended that you monitor the traffic of each software process by installing the traffic firewall function of 360 security guard. If you find that such a software process is being uploaded at a high speed, open the 360 ​​traffic firewall to restrict the traffic of this process or shut down this process through the task manager.

After confirming that there is no software process to upload at a high speed, test the network speed again. If the bandwidth value is close to your application, there is no problem with the network speed. If the tested network speed is obviously lower than the bandwidth value you applied, go to the next step operating.

(1) confirm that the wireless router is not rub network.

Open the wireless router's management interface (the default is generally, open the "wireless settings --- wireless host status" to see if there are other illegal wireless terminals connected to this wireless router.

If yes, please open "Wireless Settings --- Huawei IPDSLAM MA5616 Routers Modems Converters Networking ServerSettings". If no wireless security is set, please turn on wireless security immediately. WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK security type is recommended. If wireless security is enabled, please modify PSK password .

After confirming that the network speed is not exceeded, test the network speed again. If the bandwidth value is close to your application, there is no problem with the network speed. If the tested network speed is obviously lower than the bandwidth value you have applied for, go to the next step.

(1) Line problems.

In some line environments, the network cable may be overloaded due to the length of the network cable, the poor quality of the network cable, the inconsistency of the network cable wiring or the adaptability of the router port. The download speed of the router may also be affected after the router is used. .

(2) Wireless interference leads to slow wireless network.

Use a wireless router, the computer network cable connected to the router speed normal, but with a wireless router connected to the computer speed is slower. After doing the above investigation, the reason for the slow connection speed of wireless connection is likely to be wireless interference.

Try the following: Open the management interface of the wireless router and click "Wireless Settings - Basic Settings" to assign the wireless channel of the device as one of 1 ~ 13, and the saving will take effect.

Modify the channel method can try a few channels, if the above methods can not be resolved, it should call the In Stock Huawei S5700 24Tp Pwr Si Ac Layer 3 Gigabit Ethernet Switch service providers, requiring repair or replacement!

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  Posted: 2020-05-30 05:41


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  Posted: 2020-09-19 22:58


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