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Author Moisture expansion of solid wood flooring

Joined: Aug 10, 2016
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  Posted: 2018-03-12 09:17

Prevent strong sunlight sun exposure floor, paint long-term exposure to ultraviolet light, aging, cracking. Avoid hot and cold air appliances straight blow and bake the floor; prevent rain soaking the floor, to prevent overflowing balcony, bathroom, kitchen, etc., go out when traveling or without water, turn off the tap; in particular, can not contact with hot water, so the heating pipe In the hot water do not escape to the floor, once occurred to dry in time.

To prevent heavy metal sharps, glass tiles, shoe studs and other hard objects scratch the floor; mobile furniture should not be directly on the floor sliding, lifting should be lifted and light. Often move the furniture can stick a layer of rubber in the bottom. Do not place strong acidic and strong alkaline substances on the floor. Local board accidentally stained stains should be promptly removed, if traces of oil available automatic rag or mop dipped in warm water moistened with a small amount of detergent scrub; if the drug or pigment must be removed before the stain does not dissolve into the wood surface.

If the outdoor humidity is greater than the indoor humidity, you can confine the doors and windows to keep indoor low humidity, if the outdoor humidity is less than the indoor humidity, you can open the doors and windows to reduce indoor humidity. Encounter hot and humid weather, you can open an air conditioner or fan. Autumn and winter seasons to increase indoor air humidity, the humidifier can be used to maintain indoor air humidity at 50% -70%.

Special stains cleaning methods are: oil stains, paints, inks can use a special scouring oil to wipe: If it is blood stains, fruit juice, wine, beer and other stains can be wet cloth or rag dipped in the right amount of detergent wipe; not available Strong acid-base liquid floor cleaning.

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