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Author Songzhou Cizhou Pit Furnace

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  Posted: 2018-03-20 01:59

The styles of the scent burners are not unrelated to the user's aesthetic orientation and economic power. Because spices are a luxury item (except for the grass-and-mortar pest repellent), the Song Dynasty had previously participated in incense activities, and the lowest social status was also the ��little literati�� and ��small local gold��. After the Song Dynasty, incense activities gradually spread to the homes of ordinary people, so there are many ordinary aromatherapy furnaces. The Ming and Qing fragrant furnaces are remarkable in the production process. In addition to the noble aristocrats of the Ming and Qing dynasties who passed down many well-chosen finely crafted fine fragrant furnaces, the Ming and Qing dynasties were still a large gathering of fragrant furnaces. On the one hand, it has repeatedly imitated the previous generation and has made repeated innovations. On the other hand, in addition to porcelain and copper, a large number of gem-like materials have also been used in furnaces, and even bamboo-wood horns and other fire-fighting materials have been used for making. Aromatherapy furnace.

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Contemporary aromatherapy furnace production is divided into two categories. One is a traditional aromatherapy stove, which is mainly made of porcelain and copper imitation fragrances and scenting kiln. The other type is the innovative furnace, which extracts artistic elements from the shapes and decorations of ancient aromatherapy furnaces to create a new style of aromatherapy furnace, mainly based on porcelain.
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Due to the fact that mainland China��s fragrant culture is mainly ��backflow�� from Japan and Taiwan, there is not much known about traditional incense culture before the Song Dynasty. Moreover, the current incense culture is often developed into the development of natural properties and commodity attributes of spices, ignoring its cultural attributes. Therefore, the research and collection of the fragrance appliances such as the aromatic burners prior to the Song Dynasty was still a weak link to the daily use of aromatic burners. The fragrance cookers used in film and television works, and even the fragrance cookers used in individual professional incense and cultural activities, are full of mistakes. However, there are still a lot of people who love furnaces, possession furnaces, and furnace heaters. Unfortunately, their vision is often confined to the Xuande furnace in the Ming and Qing dynasties.
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  Posted: 2020-06-01 20:36


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