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Author How do the light cat light signal flicker can't go online?

Joined: Aug 10, 2016
Posts: 7572
  Posted: 2018-04-25 21:43

How can High-speed Rail WiFi full coverage, highlighting the railway livelihood feelings cats not be able to access the Internet and flash red lights? Optical fiber cat light indicator red, resulting in the Internet can not be done, we will explore the causes of this phenomenon and solutions.

Cause one: "fiber optic tails and fiber couplers disconnect, that is, the connection between the optical cat and the fiber optic connection, although the staff are still installing the connection, but after a long time use or human factors will cause the coupler to disconnect with the fiber.

Solution: try to re insert the tail fiber, do not exert too much force, easily lead to bending fracture of The difference between a router and a cat.

Reason two: because the material of the optical fiber is glass and plastic, the optical fiber is easy to damage and fracture under the condition of bending and extrusion.

Solution: common fiber optic damage fracture is not visible scar, and the user can not repair it, it is suggested to call immediately to find broadband maintenance personnel, fiber fracture maintenance is very convenient, and very cheap.

Question three: light cat failure, the probability of such a failure is still very small.

Solution: find a staff to change a light cat.

Problem four: the rest of the reason probably is the fault of the optical splitter, which can cause problems in the LAN, and many users in a region can't connect to the network.

Solution: wait a few minutes after power failure, then restart the ibm server failure how to do, ibm server maintenance methods and causes of failure. This kind of fault will soon be repaired.

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