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Author Muffle tube

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From: shanghai,shanghai
  Posted: 2018-05-31 00:40

The defects of A1 tube are as follows: the first ring weld cracking, the design defects of the two hoisting flanges and the local drum, the banana shaped bending, the severe necking of the A segment, the thinning of the wall thickness, the large area cracking and the cross section deformation. Therefore, taking full consideration of the characteristics of the above defects, the repair scheme adopted is: first, a manual cutting machine is used to cut off the cylinder of about 100mm on both sides of the first weld and re welding (the length should be fixed according to the coloring to check the crack condition); (2) cut the flange two times by hand cutting machine and cut off the drum section about 400mm. The end surface of the cylinder body is flat, then the double side chamfering is then butted, and the replacement material of the thickness 15mm is used to make the tube welded in the rear of the muffle tube to the total length of 28522mm; (4) the structure of the two hoisting flange and the installation part are redesigned, and the whole flange welding structure is replaced by a segmented flange welding structure.
The main defects of A2 tube are as follows: two times of flanges in hoisting, multiple flanges, bananas, severe necking of A segment, thinning of wall thickness, large area cracking and cross section deformation. Therefore, the following repair schemes are taken into full consideration: (1) cutting off the muffle tube with a plasma cutting machine from two hoisting flanges; (2) checking the size of the crack at the perforation of the muffle tube by the coloring penetration examination method, cutting the muffle tube by the manual grinding wheel cutting machine; 3. In accordance with the requirements of the welding groove, because the section of the muffle tube has become elliptical (the long axis is about 1900mm, the short axis is about 1700mm), the butt must be reduced and butted by the ellipse and then hand welded; (4) the weld quality is checked by the coloring penetration inspection method; (5) the replacement steel plate of a certain length at the bottom of the muffle tube (<1820mm x) is used. 900mm, thickness 15mm) make the total length of the muffle furnace meet the design requirements (about 28500mm); 6. The two hoisting flange treatment is the same as the A1 muffle tube; and the A2 muffle furnace has 7 drums, because there is no suitable material, so only the most serious drum is all excised, butt welded, and the rest of the drum with the same recipe. The bag can only be regularly followed by penetrant inspection.4x8 sheet metal prices
The A1 muffle tube has been used for 3 years, according to the corresponding defect form, through the evaluation of its material strength and welding, the repair of the muffle tube has been repaired according to the proposed repair scheme, so that it can reach the standard of use.Stainless steel sheet manufacturer in china
The A2 muffle pipe has been used for nearly 2 years, and the repair of the muffle tube has been completed according to the evaluation plan of material strength. The repaired muffle tube has been running continuously for 17 months and has been in good condition. X weld inspection of all welds was carried out after the machine was removed, and no new cracks were found. The field application shows that the repair process has been successfully repaired, and it is also proved that the welding performance of the selected nickel base superalloy and the substitute material can be fully satisfied under the effect of high temperature.Spring Steel Flat Bars

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