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Author Wood floor paint repair

Joined: Aug 10, 2016
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  Posted: 2018-05-31 04:09

1, to prevent small particles scratching the floor: small gravel stay on the floor surface for a long time, after walking back and forth, traces of gravel wear will appear on the floor surface. Floor rubble should not be treated with damp rags and mops, during which the gravel likely to cause scratches on the surface of the floor paint film wear; Also need to be careful, do not make the floor exposed to open flames or placed directly on the floor of high-power electric heat Can not be placed directly on the kettle, stoves and other high temperature objects.

In addition to gravel, dust, hard soled shoes, metal sharps, glass tiles are the nemesis of the floor "skin", in order to reduce the particles wear floor, keep the floor clean is particularly important. Window cleaning should pay attention to clean the floor, if found dust or gravel, should be immediately vacuuming, cleaning.

2, how to clean the wooden floor? Cleaning method: When cleaning the wooden floor, the first floor surface with a mop to remove the dust, and then in accordance with the ratio of detergent and floor dirt level, dilute the amount of water in a bucket, and the mop Soaked, mopping the room from the direction of the door. But be careful, try to wring the mop, in order to prevent excessive water penetration into the wood floor, resulting in mold, decay. If you encounter the floor seam or corner and other hard-to-clean areas, you can use the old toothbrush dipped in floor cleaner scrub, you can also clean the detergent wipe the ground. However, some floor cleaners have higher concentrations of surfactant and, on the other hand, the semi-wet floor becomes more susceptible to dust when it is drained. Therefore, the best choice for high-quality floor cleaning products.

If you want to keep the floor shiny for a long time, after using the floor cleaner, you can also a layer of wood floor wax. However, we must wait for the floor completely dry before waxing, so wax layer can not be completely attached, leaving the floor a little bit of white spots.

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